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FlashGet 3.7.1220

FlashGet 3.7.1220

Description of FlashGet:

FlashGet is a free computer program manager for downloading files with indoor source code for OS Microsoft Windows. It is an excellent alternative for replacing the standard manager of Windows.

FlashGet suits for downloading various files online. During loading files conditionally divided into several parts due to give a multi-threaded download, resulting in faster downloads. In the event of disconnection, the program makes its own attempts to restore it from the point of suspension, after a successful reconnection downloading files continues smoothly.

The program interface is easy and simple.

Key features of FlashGet:

  • It allows the user to create separate categories for different types of files;
  • Simplifies work with the already uploaded files;
  • Supports working time;
  • Integrates with most popular browsers – Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape Navigator, Mozilla Firefox;
  • Enables work through a proxy server;
  • Can download multiple files simultaneously, however, so the download speed is distributed between different files;
  • Support for download from torrent trackers like BitTorrent;
  • It allows controlling the speed of downloads: unlimited, automatically or manually adjustable;
  • It allows downloading files simultaneously from several sources.

Download the latest version of FlashGet 3.7.1220


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