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Quicktime 7.7.8

Quicktime 7.7.8

Description of Quicktime:

Quicktime is a powerful multimedia player, which you can play as files in its own format and widely raztrostraneni the internet and the most popular media formats. In many cases, this player is indispensable when it comes to viewing streaming video on the Internet.

The new user-friendly interface and additional new features – video codec DVC Pro PAL, support for Macromedia Flash 5, the new JPEG 2000 codec for MacOS X and improved support for AppleScript, allowing even more comfortable and effective work with the program.

Key features of Quicktime:

  • The program supports MPEG-4 format, ie You have the opportunity to play and create files in MPEG-4 format that can be played on any compatible media player such as DivX;
  • Supports AAC Audio – a format that is considered the newest and best in professional audio compression, superior in some parameters of the existing MPEG Layer 3 (MP3);
  • Instant-On function allows receiving practically instantly for smooth playback of online video and audio stream;
  • Setting the size of the cache;
  • Support for subtitles;
  • Setting quality vazprozvezhdanite media files, etc .;
  • Skip Protection feature represents a patented technology that increases the reliability of streaming playback of multimedia signal translation on the Internet.

Download the latest version of Quicktime 7.7,8


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