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Slim Browser 8.00 Build 005

Slim Browser

Description of Slim Browser: Slim Browser is a free browser-executed technology TPI (Tab-Page Interface). Its task is to provide consumers with a comfortable viewing websites. The browser loads quickly, literally pages instantly open. Media files and photos are loaded 10 times faster than in conventional browsers. Combining artificial intelligence with total automation makes Slim Browser very good if you want ... Read More »

Trillian 5.6


Description of Trillian: Trillian is a universal Internet pager that allows you to share messages with users of networks such as ICQ, AOL Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger and IRC. The program supports the use of a huge amount of basic features characteristic of these networks (for example, file sharing, viewing and changing the information set safety etc.). The ... Read More »

Internet Download Manager 6.25.20

Internet Download Manager

Description of Internet Download Manager: Internet Download Manager is a program for downloading files from the Internet, which can increase the speed with which you download files. In addition to accelerating the withdrawal by segmentation program can put a pause and draw it continues over time. It can be adjusted to work on schedule and off the computer after downloading. ... Read More »



Description of Skype: Skype is one of the most popular programs for calls on the Internet. The opportunity to make free calls to all who use the program and paid calls to all mobile and landline phones. Besides program allows you to make video calls and conference calls with many people. Created in 2003 by Ahti Heinla, Priit Kasesalu and ... Read More »

FileZilla 3.18


Description of FileZilla: FileZilla is an excellent free FTP-manager. Allows users to upload and download files from various FTP-servers. The interface is easy and pleasant to work with ease. FileZilla has a sufficient amount of options and opportunities for fruitful work. The program is available for various operating systems (Windows, Linux, BSD, Mac OS X and other OS), and also ... Read More »

BitComet 1.41


Description of BitComet: BitComet is a completely free, powerful and convenient torrent client. The interface is simple and easy to manage. The program allows to download files or whole parts thereof. Moreover verifies the configuration and automatically adjusts them. One of the merits of BitComet is a that has the ability to increase the performance of your hard disk: cleverly ... Read More »

MediaGet 2.01.3586


Description of MediaGet: MediaGet is a BitTorrent client. Extremely popular and is used by over 80 million people worldwide. The program is completely free. It offers a variety of functions and features with advantages over competitors. MediaGet is available for both Windows, and for Mac OS X. If you’ve had experience with uTorrent or BitTorrent, this program also deserves to ... Read More »

Google Chrome 51.0.2704.63

Google Chrome

Description of Google Chrome: In 2008, Google released a browser program Chrome. Just a few years then in 2012 became the most used browser outstripping Mozzila Firefox. This is achieved by making several new Please enter your regime as “incognito” and “smart” address bar through which users can load websites or directly seek the same place. Another important feature is ... Read More »

ICQ 10.0.12061


Description of ICQ: ICQ is a popular instant messenger designed for exchanging messages between users from all points on the planet. Along with the standard window contacts and chat program service offers a wide range of functionalities. Registration of acanthus should visit the developer’s site. Then you can invite friends and acquaintances via the menu for opening contacts. One of ... Read More »

Google Drive 1.30.2170.459

Google Drive

Description of Google Drive: Google Drive as the name suggests is an application developed by the giant Google. It aims to provide quality and reliable service through which to store your files in the “cloud”, thus they will be available for you from anywhere. Moreover, it can share files with colleagues and friends. Use the program you will receive free ... Read More »