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File downloads

Internet Download Manager 6.25.20

Internet Download Manager

Description of Internet Download Manager: Internet Download Manager is a program for downloading files from the Internet, which can increase the speed with which you download files. In addition to accelerating the withdrawal by segmentation program can put a pause and draw it continues over time. It can be adjusted to work on schedule and off the computer after downloading. ... Read More »

BitComet 1.41


Description of BitComet: BitComet is a completely free, powerful and convenient torrent client. The interface is simple and easy to manage. The program allows to download files or whole parts thereof. Moreover verifies the configuration and automatically adjusts them. One of the merits of BitComet is a that has the ability to increase the performance of your hard disk: cleverly ... Read More »

MediaGet 2.01.3586


Description of MediaGet: MediaGet is a BitTorrent client. Extremely popular and is used by over 80 million people worldwide. The program is completely free. It offers a variety of functions and features with advantages over competitors. MediaGet is available for both Windows, and for Mac OS X. If you’ve had experience with uTorrent or BitTorrent, this program also deserves to ... Read More »

Free YouTube Download

Free YouTube Downloader

Description of Free YouTube Download: Free YouTube Download is a simple to use mprograma to download videos from a network like YouTube as a separate video, aiming playlists, channels, users, video responses, programs, charts and more.Outgoing files are in formats: AVI, FLV or MP4. The resulting video can be viewed in different video players on PC. An advantage of this ... Read More »



Description of BitTorrent: BitTorrent – a program that allows downloading files with large size of the network to exchange files BitTorrent. Unlike other similar networks (Kazaa, eDonkey, etc.), Where the holders of one or other file can simultaneously draw from several people that progarama look for the presence of the file in a holder, which is interested in its distribution. ... Read More »



Description of uTorrent: In 2005 Ludvig Strigeus creates incredible μTorrent. It is very small and lightweight program that allows you to download torrents without any problem. Although little has many options and so today is one of the most popular software for file sharing. It installs easily, although it offers some additions that probably do not need. After installation, you ... Read More »



Description of EagleGet: EagleGet a powerful and handy software that allows downloading files from the Internet protocols HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, MMS, RTSP. The program features a simple interface that makes downloading the necessary files in a simple and easy task. EagleGet has its own search engine, which allows avoiding the use of side software to download videos – it comes ... Read More »

Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager

Description of Free Download Manager: Free Download Manager is a freeware program that combines Manager please and offline browser. Thanks to this program, you can quickly and effectively download as individual files and several at once from the HTTP, HTTPS and FTP servers. The user can download an entire website, and download files using BitTorrent protocol. Free Download Manager allows ... Read More »

FlashGet 3.7.1220


Description of FlashGet: FlashGet is a free computer program manager for downloading files with indoor source code for OS Microsoft Windows. It is an excellent alternative for replacing the standard manager of Windows. FlashGet suits for downloading various files online. During loading files conditionally divided into several parts due to give a multi-threaded download, resulting in faster downloads. In the ... Read More »

Azureus Vuze

Azureus Vuze

Description of Azureus Vuze: Vuze / old name of Azureus / a torrent client for downloading files with support for anonymous exchange. Suitable for small and downloading large files. You can download multiple files at the same time. The program can expand its functionality by adding plugins. The interface is translated into different languages to facilitate use. To use this ... Read More »