Sunday , 12 January 2020
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Slim Browser 8.00 Build 005

Slim Browser

Description of Slim Browser: Slim Browser is a free browser-executed technology TPI (Tab-Page Interface). Its task is to provide consumers with a comfortable viewing websites. The browser loads quickly, literally pages instantly open. Media files and photos are loaded 10 times faster than in conventional browsers. Combining artificial intelligence with total automation makes Slim Browser very good if you want ... Read More »

Google Chrome 51.0.2704.63

Google Chrome

Description of Google Chrome: In 2008, Google released a browser program Chrome. Just a few years then in 2012 became the most used browser outstripping Mozzila Firefox. This is achieved by making several new Please enter your regime as “incognito” and “smart” address bar through which users can load websites or directly seek the same place. Another important feature is ... Read More »

Opera 37.0.2178.43


Description of Opera: Opera e one of the most popular web browsers nowadays. It is characterized by stable performance and quick loading speed of websites. The main features of Opera can refer the following three: set the language C ++, characterized by a very high operating speed and is compatible with all major web technologies. Long feature was a multi-browser ... Read More »

Mozilla Firefox 46.0.1


Description of Mozilla Firefox: In 2002 he appeared the first safe and modern browser called Firefox. It offers all the amenities of which you might need. Fast, easy and reliable with a simple design for easy operation. Translated into over 70 languages . Can be used on all operating systems and is open source. Firefox offers many functions and settings ... Read More »

Comodo Dragon

Comodo Dragon

Description of Comodo Dragon: Comodo Dragon provides a fast and versatile browser based technology Chromium (this principle is established and the browser Google Chrome). Characterized by advanced features, increased safety and confidentiality. In this line of thinking provides users with greater privacy, superior technology Chromium. Using technology to verify domains that identifies and distinguishes superior SSL certificates from inferior, stops ... Read More »

Vivaldi 1.1.453.59

Изтегли последната версия на Vivaldi browser от тук

Description of Vivaldi Vivaldi is a web browser that is being developed by Vivaldi Technologies. Founder of the project is the former CEO of Opera – Jon Stephenson. The purpose of the team is to create the fastest browser ever. It is characterized by a minimalist user interface that can be customized by users. Vivaldi offers use of tabs for ... Read More »