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Smart Defrag

Smart Defrag

Description of Smart Defrag:

Smart Defrag is a free program for defragmenting the hard disk. It operates in several modes according to user needs: manual, scheduled and automatic (in the latter case defragmentation is performed in the background).

In the case of the automatic operation of the program, it functions completely inconspicuous to the user and system performance. Defragmentation begins at times when the computer is not in active use.

The user can set the conditions under which to run defragmentation and when to be stopped this process. For example, to start defragmentation and ends when the CPU reaches 40%.

Key features of Smart Defrag:

  • Extremely fast and efficient defragmentation of the hard drive;
  • Defragmenting files;
  • Optimizirine and putting in line to faster reading;
  • Provides maximum performance of the disk systems. The program not defragment, but also speeds up the systems allows the computer to run fast and stable;
  • Technology “defragmentation load”;
  • Ensure data retention and stability of the disk. Unlike some other automatic defragmenter Smart Defrag not constantly analysis and defragmentation. The program analyzes the state of the disk using the technology “Safe data acquisition” and decide when and how to be performed de-fragmentation.
  • Scheduled defragmentation.

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