Friday , 23 December 2022
iTunes 12.4

iTunes 12.4

Description of iTunes:

iTunes is a free program that allows listening to favorite songs, as well as recording your own music CDs. The user can compile lists reproduction apparatus based on their musical preferences to connect with the music database, to exchange data with iPod and record audiodiskove, which can then run on a computer (Mac or PC) or even a CD player and audio system.

What’s new in version 12.3? Implemented compatibility with the updated iOS 9.1 and desktop platform OS X El Capitan 10.11. epodobrena and maintenance of operating systems, they have corrected any errors in the previous one.

The program can be used not only for streaming playback of video and audio files, but also for photographs. Thanks to iTunes, every owner of a device of Apple, can save time and frustration searching for specific songs or multimedia products.

Key features of iTunes:

  • Thanks to access to Internet shop iTunes Store, users can purchase or rent movies.
  • Those of you who have devices of Apple, can also be copied to remove and move files or programs from your computer to mobile device and vice versa.
  • The program is equipped with a function to manage your phone contacts.

Download the latest version of iTunes 12.4


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