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FileZilla 3.18

FileZilla 3.18

Description of FileZilla:

FileZilla is an excellent free FTP-manager. Allows users to upload and download files from various FTP-servers. The interface is easy and pleasant to work with ease. FileZilla has a sufficient amount of options and opportunities for fruitful work. The program is available for various operating systems (Windows, Linux, BSD, Mac OS X and other OS), and also in a version that you can install on flash drive.

FileZilla is indispensable for web developers. Supports FTP, IPv6, HTTP / 1.1, SOCKS5 and FTP-Proxy and others. Released in different languages. Comfortable for both professionals and ordinary users.

The program works successfully with various safety programs when they are set correctly.

Key features of FileZilla:

  • Allowing operation in multiple streams;
  • Protects compounds (SSL) and reopened them (Keep Alive);
  • Determine timeout FTP-server;
  • Allows uploading files, it also supports a large file;
  • Supports drag & drop;
  • It allows adjusting the speed of exchanging files;
  • Management of sites;
  • Simultaneous review of directories;
  • Filtering of file names;
  • It helps to customize the network configuration;
  • Authentication and encryption using Kerberos;
  • Compare directories.

Download the latest version of FileZilla 3.18


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