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.NET Framework 4.6.81

.NET Framework 4.6.81

Description of .NET Framework:

.NET Framework is a program that is used for full operation of the programs designed architecture .NET Framework. The program contains a set of components that allow successful installation and smooth operation of a number of popular games, applications and drivers. .NET Framework supports the performance, reliability, and safety systems.

One of the main ideas of the Microsoft .NET is to be compatible with software parts written in different languages. For example, combining in C ++ with Delphi. Each library in the .NET keep information about its version, which allows elimination of potential conflicts between different versions of libraries.

.NET Framework gives developers freedom that can easily create applications of different types, able to reproduce different types of devices and in different environments.

Products made with the .NET Framework, are oriented towards the management of operating systems in the family of Microsoft Windows.

Key features of .NET Framework:

  • Support the new JIT-compiler for 64-bit systems (RyuJIT);
  • Supports TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2;
  • In this version is already available set of encryption algorithms “Suite B” – AES, SHA-2, Elliptic curve Diffie-Hellman, ECDSA.
  • Supports encoding encoding Unicode (UTF-16);
  • Improved performance in resource extraction;
  • Possible calculation of the hash code on the basis of the domain of each application.

Download the latest version of .NET Framework 4.6.81


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