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Norton Security Premium 2015

Norton Security Premium 2015

Description of Norton:

Norton 360 is an integrated antivirus, created on the basis of reliable security solutions from Symantec. The program uses five levels of safety on the computer of important data and online activity, including technology for network security, file protection technology for protection based on reputation (Insight) and based on behavioral analysis (SONAR).

The program is extremely useful today as it blocks websites that use “phishing” to steal personal information and credit card numbers. Antivirus destroys viruses and hacker attacks. Prevents interception of personal data of users and simplifies the use of strong passwords.

Norton 360 also runs in the background and informs you at any time suspicious content and links. Moreover optizimira work computer and destroying the already existing computer harmful files.

Key features of Norton:

  • Provides protection from viruses, spyware, malware and other Internet attacks;
  • Provides protection of personal data, regardless of what device you use the program;
  • Blocking unsafe websites and suspicious prevents installations;
  • Allows transfer of protection from one device to another;
  • It allows you to put more safeguards in case of more devices.
  • Block spam.
  • Check social networks to malicious links.

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Norton Security Premium 2015
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